When Should I Start Looking For A Gown?

We recommend shopping for your wedding dress at least 6-8 months(depending on the designer) out from your wedding day. Most wedding dresses take about 5-6 months(16-20 weeks) to arrive after ordered. Also, a bride must take into consideration that extra alternations and fittings will take place after the dress arrives. Many wedding dresses are available on a rush for additional charges and we do sell some of our samples off the rack. Please inquire if your wedding date is close so we can better assist you. Life comes pretty fast sometimes, and we understand that love can’t wait — we do our best to ensure we can make all our brides’ wedding dress dreams come true.

What Are Appointments?

We provide one-on-one consultations in order to provide brides and their families the best possible wedding dress shopping experience; that means the bride and her family have the bridal boutique shop to themselves for the entire appointment time. Because your wedding dress purchase is a once in a lifetime event, you deserve the time and attention of a professional consultant and a relaxing experience. Our boutique is quite intimate, and is booked often, so please contact us in advance. You would need to schedule a bridal appointment to view our wedding dresses collection. To schedule a bridal appointment time that works best for you, please contact us or email us.

What Should I Bring To My Appointment?

Please bring photos of wedding dresses that inspire you, as well as wedding inspiration boards. We ask all brides to bring light colored undergarments, strapless bra and a hair tie. Your consultant will be popping in and out of the dressing room to help you into each gown, so wear something you are comfortable in.

Can I Bring Food Or Drink To My Appointment?

We ask that you do not bring food/drink into the bridal boutique, unless previously discussed with our team. Our goal is to protect our wedding dresses. Vonve Bridal has a “clear policy,” which means all beverages served to our brides and their families are clear which includes bottled waters and champagne.

How Do I Pay For My Dress?

We accept all forms of payment; Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash and Bank Transfers. We require 50% non-refundable payment upon signing of your bridal contract, with the remaining 50% due upon pickup of your dress.

Do You Offer Wedding Day Dressing Service?

Yes we do offer weeding day dressing services on your special day. This helps you to ensure that you relax and enjoy your special day with your close family and friends.

Please enquire about our rates via email.

Do You Offer Alterations?

Yes, we do offer alterations in-house. Alterations are done 2-3 weeks before the wedding by our talented seamstresses. Alteration costs are not included in your original quote and will be determined after the first fitting.

My Plan Is To Lose Weight Before My Wedding...

Should I buy a smaller gown? This is not recommended. A wedding gown is always easier to be taken in, than let out. Generally, alterations cannot increase the size of a gown, they can, however, make a slightly loose gown fit perfectly. When in between sizes, always order the larger size, as a dress can easily be altered down, but rarely altered up.

What Accessories Do We Carry?

We carry a wide assortment of couture accessory designers; belts, sashes, veils, headpieces, garters and assorted veils.

How Many People Should I Bring To My Appointment?

We recommend that you bring one to three individuals who are key in helping you choose your wedding dress. Our bridal boutique is an intimate experience and we try to accommodate larger groups with a maximum of six individuals(including the bride). We generally find that too many people make it hard for brides to decide on what wedding dress they truly love; and may detract from the overall experience.